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Welcome to the Doyoueven Army

Welcome to the Doyoueven Army

“We are stronger together than we are alone."
—Walter Payton

Can we ask you a quick question? How many Facebook Groups do you belong to?
And how many do you actually, actively participate in? 

Quite a few right? The brands you love, the shows you love, the buy, swap, and sells you love, the celebs you love, the clubs you love, the local bar you love ... Just to name a few.

Did you know more than 1.8 billion Facebook users use the platform every single month. Yes, we said MONTH. #Gulp
We were just a tiny bit blown away by these stats when they landed with our Marketing team, and we had a burning desire to build an online community filled with our beloved Doyoueven lovers—but how would we do it without becoming just another Facebook group?

How? By staying true to who we are and sharing that greatness around, that's how!

Enter….the brand new Doyoueven Army aka our very first Facebook Community group. 

As you would probably already know, Doyoueven is wildly obsessed with building resilient humans. We truly believe with the right mindset that we can achieve absolutely anything.

If you can possess a Warrior* mindset, you can push the limits of human possibility and unlock greatness. Our brand mark demonstrates this to every Doyoueven Army member, embodied by the notion to Leave Your Mark; ‘The Mark,’ ignites the flame to bring out your inner Warrior, that is prepared and ready for battle.

The Mark infers a mindset to make daily conscious efforts for continued improvement. And that is exactly what we have been working on behind the scenes here at Doyoueven, last month we proudly launched the Doyoueven Army on Facebook for you. 

Yes, FOR YOU. Just like our brand new website, we did both these bold things, just for you. The Doyoueven Army, every single one of you reading this note, are without a doubt our motivation and the driving force in wanting us to become better, every step of the way. Continuous improvement in our products, our sustainability mission, our content and our human to human connection points.

The Doyoueven Army is not just a ‘flash your guns’ kinda place. Sure, we're excited to celebrate your wins, but we're most excited to celebrate your triumphs. The goals that took grit and determination to bring to life, the results you never dreamt possible, the success you only thought was in fairy tales. That is what the Doyoueven Army is all about.

This is the place for communication, but most importantly our incredible community.

It is a place where you can share your own fitness journey and be inspired by the stories of like-minded individuals who consistently place their best foot forward each and every day, working hard on the daily to put in that additional 1% effort each and every day.

Ultimately, our goal is for our Doyoueven athletes, ambassadors, and community to come together, motivate and learn from each other. This is the place to get the best of the best information so we can ‘Leave Your Mark’ together. Let's keep each other accountable! 🥰

We would truly love you to pop over and check it out, join our Doyoueven Army Facebook group and tell us what you love and where we can improve further, we welcome the feedback and see it as a way for us to continually improve your connection to the Doyoueven brand. We can’t wait to hear what you think.
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by Etebong Edemidiong on January 01, 2022

Hello a great new year to you! I want to join doyoueven family, to represent the brand from Nigeria Africa. It’s a growing market with many great opportunities. My IG page is staro_fitness